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Olcartour Tourism and Travel Co. Ltd.





Date of Established




Istanbul * Antalya * Mersin  * Adana * Göcek

Number of Employees



Group of License

Group “ A “ No: 1607

Main Activities

  • Inbound and Outbound Tour Operator

  • Ground Handler

  • Handling Incentive Groups

  • Congress, Conferences and Meetings

  • Shore Excursions for Cruise Passengers

  • Car, Coach, Aircraft Rental

  • Travel Brokerage

  • Corporate Travel Services

  • Educational Services

  • Sailing & Yatchting

  • Owner and Operator for VELADARE Luxury

  • Yacht Charters



  • Authorised representative of I.A.T.A.  Airlines

  • TAX FREE Representative for East Mediterranean

  • Authorised representative of Turkish Airlines

Sevices Philosophy

Our Services Philosophy;

  • Friendliness towards clients and colleagues

  • Readiness to serve clients and colleagues

  • Thorough knowledge of products and service procedures

  • Reliability

  • Decisive action and prompt service 

  • Effective Communication

  • Efficient execution of task and request

Personnel Structure

Personnel Structure

Experienced and Special Selected
Employees, properties, and possible with accumulations were grown to provide the most appropriate options to suit you.


Continuous Communications Industry
Airlines, hotels and holiday destinations with the group are in a continuous and uninterrupted communication, so that all the broken sector, motions and amendments are notified instantly receive and provide the best service to all of your most out offering.

The ability to work with the right people
Good staff and the most important weapon in the service sector the key that opens the door to success. Literally as they fulfill the responsibilities of their service and the need to make sure. To this end, in order to give you an excellent service, our employees are constantly evolving to fit into the sector, providing the necessary training courses.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Board of Directors.

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Advisors

  • Execute Directors


Corporate Planning Control Dep

  • Project Development Dept.

  • Public Affairs Dept.

  • General Affairs Sections

  • Personnel Dept.


Coordinating Section

  • Finance and Accounting Dept.

  • Purchasing Dept.

  • Marketing Dept.

  • Reservation Dept.

  • Operation / incoming Dept.

  • Ticketing Dept.

  • Incentive and Congress Dept.

  • Yachting Department

  • Aviation and Air-Born Dept

  • System Administration and Data processing Dept.

Our Membeships

Membership Associations

  • TURSAB   -    Turkish Travel Agencies Association.

  • I.A.T.A.     -    International Airlines Transport Association.

  • D.R.V.      -    German Travel Association.

  • A.S.T.A.    -    American Travel Association.

  • M.D.T.O.   -    Mersin Chamber of Shipping.

  • M.T.S.O.   -    Mersin Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • İ.T.O.        -    Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

  • A.S.T.O.    -    Mersin Chamber of Commerce.

  • F.S.T.O.    -    Fethiye Chamber of Commerce.

  • SKAL        -    Skål International.

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